Precast Gel Sample Sets

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All of our nUView precast gels incorporate a unique formula that allows protein bands to be visualized in just 2 minutes in the presence of ultraviolet (UV) light. 

The nUView technology increases protein recovery and increases efficiency, since gels do not require staining and de-staining. Cassettes have large sample well capacities (up to 50μL). Numbered lanes and solid well dividers offer easy well identification to eliminate cross sample contamination and gel damage

nUView Tris-Glycine gels are formulated to run at a constant 250 volts rather than 150 volts for the Laemmli gel (when using the Tris-Glycine/SDS running buffer). The higher voltage reduces the run time to 30 minutes compared to the usual 90 minutes.

If you already have a tank, we offer 3 different cassette sizes:

  •  NG  (Universal): Compatible with all other 10cm tanks.
  •  NB  (Bio-Rad): Fits Mini Protean™ tanks.
  •  NN  (Novex/Invitrogen/ThermoFisher): Fits XCell SureLock™ Mini-Cell tanks.

NuSep precast gels are easy to use and contain a tear open pouch and tapeless cassette for fast set up plus trouble-free cassette loading and opening (requiring no key or knife to open). And with a 2 year shelf life (4°C) from date of manufacture or 6 months at room temperature (25°C), NuSep gels provide reproducible results time after time.

Experience the NuSep Advantage… get better results, faster.