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    Sample Prep


    Proteus FPLC/HPLC Column

    NuSep offers a range of empty low pressure chromatography columns. The column parts are made of polypropylene which offers excellent chemical resistance to most commonly used reagents. It has the standard connection compatible with common chromatography instruments, such as an AKTA. 1mL Colum...



    SnapSpin Tubes

    NuSep’s Snap Cap Spin Columns are convenient tools for manipulating small volumes of affinity supports (20 to 500 µL) for protein purification.(50/pk) Features of Snap Cap Spin Columns:• Formulation: polypropylene• Column volume: 1 mL• Resin volume: 20 to 500µL• Filter type: Polyethylene filter,...



    Screw Cap MiniSpin Tubes

    NuSep’s Screw Cap MiniSpin Columns are convenient tools for manipulating small volumes of affinity supports (20 to 400 µL) for protein purification. (100/pk) Features of Screw Cap Spin Columns: Column volume: 900µL Resin volume: 20 to 400µL Filter type: polyethylene filter, ~10µm pore size...




    Remove Electrophoretic Contaminants for Improved Protein Resolution and Publication Quality Gels; Ideal for Difficult or Dilute Samples   Many lysis buffers and reagents used in sample preparation are incompatible with routinely used electrophoretic analysis. The presence of contaminants, or int...



    Sterile Syringe Filters

    The disposable syringe filter is a fast, convenient and reliable tool commonly used in laboratories. It has a simple, elegant design and is easy to clean. Its design eliminates the need for changing membranes and cleaning filters, helping you save time from complicated preparation procedures. It...