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NuSep’s Snap Cap Spin Columns are convenient tools for manipulating small volumes of affinity supports (20 to 500 µL) for protein purification.

Features of Snap Cap Spin Columns:

• Formulation: polypropylene
• Column volume: 1 mL
• Resin volume: 20 to 500µL
• Filter type: Polyethylene filter, ~30 µm pore size
• Cap: Attached snap-cap (no cap on collection tube); press-on bottom caps

Simply add the affinity resin and sample to one of the spin columns, then use a microcentrifuge to efficiently wash away contaminants and elute your purified sample without losing any resin in the process. Spin columns allow you to affinity purify more protein in less time.

• Affinity purification or affinity chromatography
• Immunodepletion
• Immunoprecipitation (IP)
• Co-immunoprecipitation (co-IP)

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