Sterile Syringe Filters

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The disposable syringe filter is a fast, convenient and reliable tool commonly used in laboratories. It has a simple, elegant design and is easy to clean. Its design eliminates the need for changing membranes and cleaning filters, helping you save time from complicated preparation procedures. It is often used in the laboratory, especially for pre-filtration, clarification, and sterilization filtration of particles, liquids and gases. It is the preferred method for filtering small samples of HPLC and GC, and is often used with disposable syringes. The filtration diameter is 4 mm to 50 mm, and the treatment amount is between 0.5 ml and 200 ml.         

The consistency in quality of the disposable needle filter is reliable due to strict quality control standards. There are strict control processes in place to ensure quality, from raw materials to production to delivery. 

Common membranes are available in various styles: polyethersulfone (PES) / polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) / nylon/ mixed cellulose (MCE) / glass fiber membrane (GF) / polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) / cellulose acetate (CA), etc.; pore size ranging from 0.1 μm to 5 μm; diameter 4 mm / 13 mm / 17 mm / 25 mm / 30 mm / 47 mm.

10 pc/bag

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