Sample Buffer

6X Laemmli SDS Sample Buffer

15 mL Solution

6X Laemmli SDS Sample Buffer is designed for protein sample preparation to be used in the
SDS-PAGE system. The Premixed loading buffer reduces variables that cause lane-to-lane running anomalies. It contains 375 mM Tris-HCl, 9% SDS (w/v), 50% Glycerol (v/v),
0.03% Bromophenol blue (w/v) with or without the reducing reagent of 9% beta-mercaptoethanol (v/v).

Special Features: 

  • Classic formula: 6X Laemmli SDS Sample Buffer is based on the method of Laemmli (Nature 227, 1970)
  • Concentrated: 6X stocks enable a greater range of protein sample volumes to be used for electrophoresis