Automatic Blot System

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This system combines the traditional blot technology, modern blotting membrane technology, and filter paper box, which efficiently transfers the protein from gel to membrane within 3 minutes. The simple operation procedure and built-in -high -current power supply are designed to control the current between the titanium anode and the stainless steel cathode directly. The holistic blotting system is instant application oriented design and the result can be produced quickly and effectively, the main feature is repeatability compared to the traditional blotting method.


  • Quick blotting
  • Mini-gel and midi-gel blotting within 3 minutes.
  • High throughput
  • 1-4 piece(s) mini gel or 1-2piece(s) can be blotted by each operation.
  • Higher blotting rate
  • Higher blotting rate than other methods.
  • Flexible design
  • Customized definition is available and compatible with traditional semi-dry consumables.
  • Environment friendly

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