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LumiFlash Infinity Chemiluminescent Substrate

  • $100.00

LumiFlash Infinity Chemiluminescent Substrate is an extremely sensitive enhanced chemiluminescent substrate for femtogram-level detection of immobilized proteins (Western blotting). 

In Western blotting or ELISA application, LumiFlash Infinity Chemiluminescent Substrate provides a high signal and low background, which allows detection of target protein on PVDF or nitrocellulose. This feature benefits the researchers providing an excellent low background result without the signal burn effect.


  • High sensitivity - detect protein target at the femtogram level
  • Low background - provide a clearer background and avoid non-specific signals on the WB result; less background noise
  • Antibody saving - use very low antibody concentration on the WB and ELISA application

LF16-100    1 Kit    50mL Solution A + 50mL Solution B

LF16-500    1 Kit    250mL Solution A + 250mL Solution B

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