LumiFlash Ultima Chemiluminescent Substrate

  • $66.00

LumiFlash Ultima Chemiluminescent Substrate is an advanced ECL product for chemiluminescent detection of immobilized proteins (Western blotting and ELISA). 

LumiFlash Ultima Chemiluminescent Substrate provides high sensitivity and a long signal duration for Western blotting. It requires a very short exposure time to X-ray film or other documentation systems, and it provides a clear image with a low background and high signal. 

LumiFlash Ultima is the perfect choice for most Western blotting application.


  • High sensitivity - detect protein target at the low-picogram level
  • Long duration - provide stable signal for long time exposure
  • Economic - cost less than other ECL substrate of a similar sensitivity level

LF08-100    1 Kit    50mL Solution A + 50mL Solution B

LF08-500    1 Kit    250mL Solution A + 250mL Solution B

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