Mini Vertical Electrophoresis Cell Tank Kit

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The Mini Vertical Electrophoresis Cell Tank is used to run both precast and handcast gels, with a capacity of 4 gel pieces to run simultaneously. It's compatible with 1-D and 2-D electrophoresis applications. The gel-making frame and glass plate with fastening side strip make the activity of hand-casting gel simple and helps avoid leakage.

  • Quantity: 1-2 piece(s)
  • Gel thickness:
    • 1.0mm: 10 & 15 wells(standard)
    • 0.75mm: 10 & 15 wells
    • 1.5mm: 10 & 15 wells (optional)
  • Premixed gel: compatible with BIO-RAD mini-PROTEAN TGX
  • Short glass plate: 100×73mm
  • Spacer glass plate: 100×83mm
  • Gel size: 83×73mm
  • Combs:
    • 1.0mm: 10 and 15 wells (stardard accessories)
    • 0.75mm: 10 and 15 wells
    • 1.5mm: 10 and  15 wells
  • Dimension: 180×130×160mm (L ×W×H)
  • Fully compatible with Mini-Protean Tetra Cell(and its accessories)
  • Filler strip is fixed to glass place to avoid leakage of gel.
  • Gel-making kit ensures the accurate aligning.
  • Excellent leakproofness.
  • Special comb does not stop gel polymerization.
  • Built-in kit isolates gel from air.
  • Thickness and well-marked comb is readable.
  • Equipped with multifunctional gel scraper.

(1x) Buffer Tank 

(1x) Cell lid with power cables

(2x) Casting frames

(2x) Casting Stands

(3x) Gel Releasers

(3x) 15 well, 1.0mm combs

(3x) 10 well, 1.0mm combs

(1x) 9 well sample loading guide

(1x) Buffer dam

(3x) Spacer glass flat 1.0mm

(5x) Short glass flat

(2x) Gel bases

(2x) Gel casting frames

(1x) Glass plate rack

(1x) Centrifugal tube rack

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