Mini Vertical Electrophoresis Cell Tank

The Mini Vertical Electrophoresis Cell Tank is used to run pre-casting gel and hand-casting gel, at most 4 pieces of gels are available simultaneously. It is compatible with 1-D and 2-D electrophoresis applications. The gel-making frame and glass plate with fastening side strip make the activity of hand-casting gel simple and avoid the leakage.


  • Dimension: 180×130×160mm(L ×W×H)
  • Glass plate dimension: 100×83mm
  • Gel dimension: 83×73mm
  • Comb specification:
    • 1.0mm: 10 & 15 wells (standard)
    • 0.75mm: 10 &15 wells
    • 1.5mm: 10 & 15 wells (optional)


  • Filler strip is fixed to glass to avoid leakage of gel.
  • Gel-making kit ensures the accurate aligning.
  • Excellent leakproofness.
  • Special comb does not stop gel polymerization. Built-in kit isolates gel from air.
  • Thickness and well marked comb is readable.
  • Equipped with multi-functional gel scraper.