PVDF Transfer Membrane

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NuSep PVDF Membrane is ideal for chemiluminescent and colorimetric western blots: it retains target protein very strongly during protein transfer but also reduces nonspecific protein binding that can obscure high-sensitivity detection.

Features and Benefits

  • Mechanical strength of PVDF membrane enables multiple reprobing of blots
  • Naturally hydrophobic support is ideal for western blotting because it ensures high signal with low background
  • Available in three formats:
    • Convenient precut membrane/blot absorbent filter paper sandwiches
    • Packs of precut membrane-only sheets
    • Economical rolls


  • Transferring proteins from SDS-PAGE gels to membrane
  • Immunoblotting target proteins
  • Detection by western blotting chemiluminescent or colorimetric methods


  • High binding affinity
  • Low background
  • Ready-to-use pre-cut membrane/filter paper sandwiches

Two pore sizes available:

0.45 µm --- most blotting applications
0.20 µm --- lower molecular weights

10 pieces per package

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