VisColor Pre-Stained Protein Marker (180-10kDa) - Tris-Glycine, Bis-Tris MES, and Bis-Tris MOPS Buffer

VisColor Pre-Stained Protein Marker (180-10kDa)

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VisColor Pre-Stained Protein Marker is a three-color protein standard with 10 pre-stained proteins from 180 to 10 kDa. The pre-stained marker is designed for monitoring the progress of SDS-PAGE and checking transfer efficiency onto PVDF and NC membranes in Western blotting. 

Pre-Stained Marker:

8 proteins covalently coupled with blue dye
1 protein covalently coupled with red dye at 75 kDa
1 protein covalently coupled with greed dye at 25 kDa


  • Size range: 10 proteins from 180 to 10 kDa
  • Sharp bands: Color-coded bands of similar intensity for easy visualization
  • Ready-to-Use - no heating, diluting, or additional reducing agent needed before loading

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