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    Visualize Separation


    UV Transilluminator

    The UltraSlim UV Transilluminator is a single-handed Transilluminator with a sensitivity performance of 0.5ng. A newly designed UV blocking metal cover is easily detachable for access to the work surface. Specially designed for electrophoresis mini-gel size. It is easy to observe or do gel-cuttin...


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    Mini-Imager UV/LED (with digital camera)

    Mini-imager™ UV/LED is a small digital camera imager embedded with both blue light source (470nm) and 302nm (UV) transilluminators. It can easily record electrophoresis results. It also allows you to transfer data and print directly via the WiFi function of the digital camera. for more information

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    A colloidal Coomassie Blue G-250 solution that is a safer, more sensitive method for detecting proteins on electrophoresis gels.   Bands begin to appear in only 15 minutes, and ProtoStain Blue has the ability to detect down to 1ng denatured BSA. Safe and nonhazardous, containing no methanol, ace...