nUView Tris-Glycine UV reactive Precast Gel (NN)(Novex/Invitrogen)

10 gels/box

Size:10 cm x 10 cm (same size as Novex/Invitrogen/ThermoFisher precast gels) 

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Conversion Chart:

Protein Electrophoresis Bundles

Save money and get your protein electrophoresis supplies with one purchase.
Bundle Includes:

  • nUView Tris-Glycine UV reactive Precast Gel
  • Tris-Glcyine SDS Running Buffer 5L Sachet (val. $26)
  • Gel Loading Pipette Tips (100 count) (val. $10)

The mini pipette tips can help reduce risk of bursting and distortion when loading the sample into the precast gel wells. Using the wrong tips can potentially distort gel wells or lead to inaccurate loading.

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