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Our story

NuSep traces its roots back to the pioneer biological separations development by Dr. Joel Margolis and Dr. Perry Manusu in the early 1970’s. This productive and innovative partnership produced the world’s first gradient gel, the first micro gel and the first industrial scale electrophoresis separation system. NuSep owes a considerable scientific debt to these two talented scientists and is using this solid intellectual capital foundation to become the premier technology supplier in the BioSeparations market.

The work of Dr. Margolis and Dr. Manusu have produced a number of world firsts:
Prior to 2006
1969 – First gradient gel
1980 – First highly cross-linked gel
1984 – First continuous flow membrane fraction system 1988 – First micro gel
1993 – First solid wells in precast gels
1995 – First large scale gel manufacturing system
2005 – First micro membrane fractionation system
2005 – First electrical separation of sperm

After the NuSep Spinout in 2006
2008 – First SpermSep clinical trial at Westmead Fertility Centre
2010 – Launch of the ProteomeSep instrument
2010 – Launch of the nUView Gels
2010 – Launch of the ProteoIQ preoteomics software
2010 – Development of a disposable method to fractionate human plasma
2010 – Establishment of the world’s first plant in Singapore to manufacture plasma protein using the patented PrIME technology
2011 – Launch of long life Tris-Glycine Gels

From the outset, NuSep was founded as a life science company with a mission to redefine the Biological Separations market based on our novel technology. This has now produced both a novel method to separate human sperm for IVF and separation of Therapeutic Plasma products using a disposable production process. NuSep will continue to provide the same high quality service and innovative products for biological separations recognized by scientists for over 30 years.

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