Our Story

NuSep is an international biotech company that provides premium lab supplies, including precast gels, buffers, stains, and blotting paper. With a 30 year heritage in biological separations, NuSep has forged a world-class reputation for its innovative yet simple biological separation techniques. We have recently acquired BioInquire which developed the ProteoIQ software enabling NuSep to offer a total proteomics solution from fraction to function. Our main goal is to provide researchers with the best quality lab supplies without the heavy price tag. Like many, we want to make an impact in the life sciences  community and help create a better world with the work we do. Join us in the evolution of the discovery process.  


What we offer

We hope to expand into different aspects of protein discovery and cover the entire protein discovery  pipeline – from sample preparation to protein analysis. Our focus on protein discovery helps us incorporate leading technology into our products. With this in mind, thorough research is done in the course of improving and creating tools that make discovery possible.