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    Transfer Proteins


    SingleShot™ Buffer Pouches

    Buffers are premixed and packaged for your convenience. Just add water and use. TGS (Tris-Glycine SDS) - Gel Running Buffer PBS (Phosphate Buffer Saline) - Western Blotting TG (Tris-Glycine) - Transfer BufferTBE (Tris-Boric EDTA Buffer) - DNA/RNA Electrophoresis Buffer TAE (Tris-Acetate EDTA Buf...



    PVDF Transfer Membrane

    NuSep PVDF Membrane is ideal for chemiluminescent and colorimetric western blots: it retains target protein very strongly during protein transfer but also reduces nonspecific protein binding that can obscure high-sensitivity detection. Features and Benefits Mechanical strength of PVDF membrane ...



    Pre-Cut Blot Absorbent Paper

    Available in different thicknesses: Thick (about 2.4mm) - for Trans-Blot® SD semi-dry or Trans-Blot transfer cells (50 sheets/pack) Thin (about 0.35mm) - for transfer of thick gels using wet blotting methods (100 sheets/pack) for more information



    Nitrocellulose Transfer Membrane

     Features and Benefits Compatible with all standard immunoblotting and nucleic acid detection methods Provides superior binding capacity without background interference Pore size produces excellent signal-to-noise blotting results Available in three formats: Convenient precut 0.45 µm/0.2 µm mem...


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    Transfer Blot Tank

    Transferring protein sample to nitrocellulose membrane, PVDF membrane etc.  Two transfer plates are available. Technical parameter: Transfer size: 110*90mm Quantity: 1-2 piece(s) Dimension: 180×130×160mm(L ×W×H) Configuration Platinum wire battery lead plate transfer plates with sponge liner ...