Gel Club™ Membership Guidelines

Use a lot of gels?

Join our Gel Club! 

Once you sign up, you'll earn 1 point for every $1 you spend on any nUView precast gels. No hidden fees or monthly subscription!

We offer 3 different sizes of gel: NG (10x8cm), NB (10x8.5cm), and NN (10x10cm). For more details, visit our collection page to learn more about the features and benefits of using nUView precast gels.  

You can also earn points by referring a friend to join the gel club and sharing on social media. 

  • 500 points for each friend referral (after they make a purchase)
  • 20 points for each social media post 

Accumulated points can then be redeem for rewards. 


Rewards are set up like rebates. Once you reach 1,000 point you may choose to redeem them for a $100 Amazon gift card or a $200 NuSep Store Credit which can be used to purchase anything in our store. You may also decide to continue saving these points for the gel buffet. 

Gel Buffet

Once you've accumulated 10,000 points you may redeem them for a gel buffet ticket. With this ticket, you'll be provided with gels as needed with no further charges for the rest of the year, all you need to pay is shipping and handling.  

*Please allow 2-3 business days to receive the ticket for the Gel Buffet

**The year starts from when you sign up as a gel club member and that is the date that will be used to calculate the Gel Buffet in subsequent years.

To continue enjoying the Gel Buffet you need to earn an additional 10,000 Points within the year.


** Membership is limited to individual labs and US customers

For friend referrals, your friend must make a purchase in order to receive the 500 points 

To share on social media(facebook, twitter, or linkedin) use the hashtag "#nusepgelclub" so we can track the post

*** Membership is not transferable and cannot be shared, violators will be held accountable according to our Membership Policy

For more detailed information check out our Membership Guide or contact us at

Gel Model Specifications: NG NB NN

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