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Transfer Basics Protein Transfer on to a Membrane Protein transfer is a vital step in western blot analysis which involves the transfer of proteins separated in a gel by electrophoresis to a solid support matrix. Immobilizing the protein to a solid support matrix facilitates the detection of specific proteins using antibodies directed against the protein(s) of interest. Typical solid matrices are membrane sheets of nitrocellulose and PVDF. Blotting After separating the protein mixture, it is transferred to a membrane. The transfer is done using an electric field oriented perpendicular to the surface of the gel, causing proteins to move out...

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When conducting research, there is often room for errors, as a result, researchers must be very careful when conducting any experiment. The same applies to gel electrophoresis, having the wrong concentration or fluctuations when conducting electrophoresis can lead to errors in the results.

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The the myriad of proteins that exist and the different roles they play, there are multiple ways to sort and order proteins. This simple infographic sorts proteins by these main functions: enzymes, structural, signaling, regulatory, transport, sensory, motor, defense, and storage.

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