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    Gel Electrophoresis


    nUView Tris-Glycine UV reactive Precast Gel (NB)(Bio-Rad)

    10 gels/box Gel Size: 10 cm x 8.5 cm (fits  Mini-Protean Tetra Cells Tanks)  > for more information < Conversion Chart:  Mini-PROTEAN®TGX™ and Mini-PROTEAN®TGX Stain-Free™ PrecastGels to nUView Tris-Glycine™ Precast Gel



    nUView Tris-Glycine UV reactive Precast Gel (NG)(Cytiva/Hoefer)

    10 gels/box Gel Size: 10 cm x 8 cm (fits Cytiva/Hoefer mini vertical tanks) Name ChangeTo improve the consistency of our catalog numbers we have decided to rename our NG precast gels. NG21 -> NG10 NG11 -> NG12 NG31 -> NG15* this means NG21-008 is now NG10-008 - the first two numbers...



    nUView Tris-Glycine UV reactive Precast Gel (NN)(Novex/Invitrogen)

    10 gels/box Gel Size: 10 cm x 10 cm (fits Thermofisher mini-cell tanks) > for more information <  Conversion Chart: Bolt® Bis-Tris Plus™ Precast Gels to nUView Tris-Glycine™ Precast Gels Novex™ Tris-Glycine Wedge Well Precast Gels to nUView Tris-Glycine™ Precast Gels NuPAGE™...



    Electrophoresis Power Supply

    The Electrophoresis Power Supply helps the electrophoresis cell maintain normal operation, it mainly consists of power supply, electrophoresis tank, testing unit etc. This unit adopts the technology of microcomputer and switch, which is more advantageous than the traditional electrophoresis power...



    Empty Gel Cassettes

    NuSep offer empty gel cassettes for your hand-cast gel needs.  10 cassettes/ pack Three different sizes: 10cm x 10cm-Fits to Thermofisher/Invitrogen/Xcell SureLock Mini/Novex Tanks 10cm x 8.5cm-Fits to BioRad/Mini Protean Gel Tanks 10cm x 8cm-Fits to Hoefer Mini/VWR/Other 10cm Tanks For 0.1cm ...



    Mini Vertical Electrophoresis Cell Tank Kit

    The Mini Vertical Electrophoresis Cell Tank is used to run both precast and handcast gels, with a capacity of 4 gel pieces to run simultaneously. It's compatible with 1-D and 2-D electrophoresis applications. The gel-making frame and glass plate with fastening side strip make the activity of hand...



    Protein Standard

    The Blue Prestained Protein Standard, Broad Range is a mixture of highly pure, recombinant, prestained proteins, covalently coupled with a blue chromophore, that resolves into 11 sharp bands when electrophoresed. Allows approximate molecular weight determination when performing SDS-PAGE analysi...



    Sample Loading Buffer

    Protein Loading Buffer Blue (2X) is a ready-to-use buffer solution for the preparation of protein samples to be separated in SDS-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE). Loading Buffer Blue (2X) contains Bromophenol Blue as a tracking dye to monitor the sample during the electrophoretic...